We take the time to understand your Organization’s staff and design a help desk program based on your needs. Through extensive research and dedication to our clients, we have developed methods that utilize the latest technology to offer help desk solutions that work to increase your productivity while reducing your current MIS budget.
Our Plan Everyone at Datacore knows and understands we succeed one client at a time. In order for us to succeed, we have to make sure YOU succeed. Our understanding of this is what drives us to provide the most flexible options for your needs and back up those options with unparalleled quality and support. We provide our clients with an enterprise level web-based service order system for maintaining and tracking service, as well as full escalation and approval procedures.
• Help Desk average wait time is less than 30 seconds
• Average calls dropped is 1 in every 500
• Number of outsourced engineers is ZERO
• Average 1st call resolution is 98%
• Immediate assistance provided for 99% of all calls
• 95% of all calls are resolved within 4 business hours
• Custom Web-Based Help Desk Tracking System
• 24/7 Emergency remote Access
• International Web-Based rescue
• 24/7 proactive Hardware and Software Monitoring


The following table shows the targets of response and resolution times for each priority level:
Trouble Priority Response Time
(in hours)
Resolution Time
(in hours)
Escalation Threshold
(in hours)
Service not available 1 Within 1 hour ASAP – Best Effort 1 hour
Significant degradation of service
(critical functions affected)
2 Within 2 hours ASAP – Best Effort 2 hours
Limited degradation of service
(limited functions affected, business process can continue)
3 Within 8 hours ASAP – Best Effort 8 hours
Small service degradation
(business process can continue)
4 Within 8 hours ASAP – Best Effort 24 hours

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