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Datacore Consulting Develops Cloud Based EMR Application For The Behavioral Health Community

June 7, 2011  

Independence, Ohio –June 7, 2011 Lorain County Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services (LCADA) has partnered with Datacore Consulting to develop an Electronic Medical Record, cloud based software application for the behavioral health industry.

LCADA and Datacore have committed substantial time and resources toward the development of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.  The EMR application is a system that securely stores computerized medical records created within an organization that delivers care; personnel may retrieve or modify records, based on their role within the organization.  All data passing between the personnel’s computer and the application is encrypted at industry standard levels.  The records stored in the system will encompass the entire medical history of a client: from intake through discharge.  The application will assist in providing care to clients by alerting clinicians and intake specialists to items that require their attention.  Procedures to cross reference scheduling and billing codes will also be available, along with a secure electronic sign off.  The system will reap the benefits of LCADA’s decades of wisdom in behavioral healthcare along with Datacore’s expertise and experience in developing cloud based software.

“Behavioral healthcare is faced with challenges every year,” said Dan Haight .”Some see this as a negative while we, at LCADA, see this as an opportunity. In 2011 my job is to seize these opportunities and put us in the best possible position for continued growth.”

“We are excited to work with LCADA on such a robust, innovative solution for behavioral health,” stated Jim Conley, Datacore Consulting. “LCADA, along with other alcohol and drug addiction services and mental health organizations in Ohio and throughout the country, will benefit greatly from this partnership.”

The EMR Application will allow behavioral health organizations to eliminate administrative waste and redundancy by allowing information to populate automatically into mandated forms once it is entered.  Additionally, the system will include proactive quality measures which will ensure that data is accurate when entered and that accuracy is maintained throughout the workflow.  The application will allow the clinicians/caregivers to focus on keeping clients engaged while spending less time on paperwork.  This application is cloud based therefore; it has very few technical requirements for organizations and can be rolled out within days. Datacore’s advanced cloud based solutions are specifically designed for a small hardware footprint and minimal training. This allows an accelerated return on investment with a lower total cost of ownership.  On average, Datacore’s EMR will save behavioral health organizations between 40-60 % on current IT infrastructure and man-hours.

About Datacore Consulting:

Datacore Consulting is a pioneer in cloud based software development.  With industry leading programmers and engineers, Datacore provides elite cloud based and server based applications.  Datacore’s powerful solutions enable their clients to reduce the total cost of ownership and increase the return on their IT investment.  With a highly advanced datacenter, Datacore has the ability to serve local, regional, and national clients.

About The Lorain County Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services:

LCADA provides a comprehensive range of alcohol and drug services for adolescents, adults, family members, and the handicapped, i.e. hearing impaired.  These services include Assessments, Case Management, Individual and Group Therapy, Family Intervention, Education and Prevention Services.


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