Datacore’s cloud document backup is a powerful tool for users who can’t be connected to the server on a regular basis. The cloud document backup will backup user’s documents from their My Documents folder(or other specified folder), back them up and archive them daily at our Class III data center. If a document is deleted or changed or if the computer breaks or is infected you can feel confident that your documents are backed up.

    What is backed up?

    Unless the location is otherwise specified by users. All of the following documents are backed up from each user’s My Documents folder:

    • Microsoft Office Document files (doc,docx,docm,xls,xlsx,xlsm,ppt,pptx,vsd,wri)
    • Microsoft Works Document Files (wks)
    • Open Office Document Files (ods,odt,sxc,sxw)
    • AutoCad WorkSpaces (aws)
    • Ability Office Document Files (aww,aws)
    • AppleWorks Documents (cwk)
    • Ichitaro Files (jtd)
    • WordPro Document(lwp)
    • Portable Document Format Documents(pdf)
    • Rich Text Documents (rtf)
    • TextMaker Doucments (tmd)
    • Peachtree spreadsheets (ptb)
    • Lotus Documents (wki,wku,wk*)
    • Word Perfect Documents (wpd)
    • WebEx Recordings (wrf)
    • Images (gif,jpg,png)
    • Web files (htm,asp,vb)

    If a location is specifically supplied ALL items in that folder will be backed up.

    Whats Not backed up?

    Anything not specified in the list above and items not located in a user’s My Documents Folder. Also, if a file is open at the time of the backup it will be excluded in that day’s backup.


    Other Questions

    What if I forget my password?

    Datacore Recommends saving your introduction email with your password, however, if you lose it and are unable to log in, please contact a datacore helpdesk member at


    What happens if I need a document I deleted or changed from a few days ago?

    In the introduction email is a link to the site where you may access your files from. After opening the site, you will be prompted for a username and password; these are also provided in the introduction email. After you log in you will see the available files with the dates from which they were created. If you click on a file you will be able to download it and open it to find all backed up documents for that day. All documents within the archive are also password protected. It will be the same password as the one used to log in to the site which was provided in your introduction email.


    How far back do my backups go and is there a Maximum size?

    There is a 2GB per day limit, however, uploading this much may be too much for individual backups per user depending on bandwidth; most users, however will not exceed 100MB per day. A 30 day history will be available for users; all backups before then will be purged.


    Do I need to download anything to set this up?

    No, all setup is handled by the already installed Datacore agent and if you have received the introduction email, you are already set up.


    What if my computer is off or I’m not on the internet during the backup time?

    The machine will backup the next time you are connected to the internet. If you are using your computer but not connected to the internet, backups will be skipped on these days until you are online.


    What time of day does the backup run?

    The time when it is setup will be the same time you received the welcome email every day. This can be changed however! You may contact a Datacore support team member at and request the time be adjusted to what suits you best.


    Any other questions?

    Feel free to contact a Datacore support team member at!