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The Mac is not for the faint of heart

May 4, 2011  

Well I am pretty much finished with the transition from PC to Mac:()

I would love to talk about how easy it was, but that would just be a lie! I love my Mac. It is smoother more refined and makes sense more often then the PC; and don’t get me started on viruses and lockups. By far the Mac is a better unit, and since the iPad, software has doubled for the Mac so that really helps. However, do not commit to such an under taking with out the extra time. There were times I would have killed for my PC back; just so I could get the job done faster, and Outlook is still not working right. After getting used to the Mac, things got better and much quicker but still not as productive; unless you count the time on a PC dealing with lockups, viruses, and trojans. Make sure you have a great network engineer handy, they can make your life so much easier (thanks Nate you rock). I would do it all over but I would probably wait until I had a little more time and things were not as busy, but hey gotta love the pain :)


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