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About Datacore

​​As life-long residents of NE Ohio, we understand the core values of hard-work, professionalism and loyalty to not only our client partners, but also our excellent employees. Our "difference" is that we want to be your local partner, not just a faceless provider, and we have proven these values to thousands of clients over our 15+ year existence.

​Data​​​​​core Consulting was founded under three core principles

Datacore Consulting was founded under three core principles

 #1: Reduce client risk and exposure

#2: Guarantee 99% uptime to clients.

And #3: Operate a highly ethical company that contributes to the surrounding community. #CLEstrong

​Meet ​The ​Team

President / CEO

Director of IT / Senior Network Engineer

Phil Ozak



​Vice President of Business Development

​Steve Ficyk




​Junior Network Engineer

​Brian Schmiedlin