Hardware – Datacore Consulting


Every business owner or manager knows the importance of the tools of the trade. Employees require the proper, most efficient tools to perform their tasks profitably and productively. Your IT network is no different. A successful business has a proper sized, secured, and optimal running network supporting their employees.

When purchasing software and hardware for a network many questions arise. How many gigabytes are required? How much hard drive storage is needed? RAM requirements? Physical or Virtual? Budget requirements? These are just a few of those many questions. Navigating an IT world of abundant confusing choices, is where Datacore can help.

As your MSP PARTNER, Datacore takes the time to review the operations of our customers, along with the job requirements of their employees and any budgetary limitations. Based on this comprehensive review and our experience, Datacore is perfectly positioned to recommend not only the proper sized network, but the optimally efficient network as well. Datacore recommendations are based on YOUR specific needs, rather than on the flavor of the month/one size fits all recommendation. 

How does Datacore help with Hardware/Software purchases?

Datacore has credit lines and relationships with multiple hardware and software vendors across the country. Once the needed software or hardware is identified, Datacore will reach out to these vendors seeking the best available price and return the lowest price to you in a simple automated quote. If the quote meets your satisfaction, you simply approve online and Datacore does the rest. Ordering, invoicing, and shipping are all handled for you.