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​Become The IT Hero Your
Company Deserves
With Datacore

It's 3pm on a Friday and you get that dreaded call from your boss. "The network is down! We can't do anything! Fix it now!" Turns out, not only is your network down, but malware wiped the server clean. Instead of that fishing trip you were going on, you're now looking at spending your weekend pulling your hair out cleaning and restoring the network, and hoping, just hoping to recover all the backup data.

With Datacore as your partner you don't have to worry about that anymore, and that's piece of mind. 

We're Your Partn​​​​​er; Not Your Replacement

We get it. We understand what it takes to be an IT professional in today's fast-paced technology world. By using Datacore's proven and tested line of services to secure and protect your data, you can stop worrying about those disaster scenarios and phone calls from your boss, and instead, spend time doing the job you were hired to do.

Our clients have been relying on us to secure and backup their networks and data for over a decade. We've made IT Heroes out of hundreds of professionals. Contact us today to learn more and get a no-cost evaluation.

​What Happens When Disaster Strikes? Does Your IT Team Have A Plan?

Your IT team has their hands full keeping your business running. Every day things happen like your computer just stops working, or Mark from Accounting accidentally deletes the latest version of the budget, or Dante, the new employee accidentally installed a virus on the network. The point is, your IT team has enough to do.

But what happens when a real disaster strikes and you lose everything? What happens when your network crashes so hard that nobody can work and business just stops? Do you just send everyone home? That can't, and shouldn't happen.

Remember, it's not a question of "if" something like this is going to happen. The question is, "when"?

Datacore Will Make Sure Business Will Not Stop When Disaster Happens

We're not a replacement for your excellent IT team. Datacore offers services that assist your IT team in making sure that when disaster strikes, you can keep business going with little, or no, downtime.

Contact us today to set up a free evaluation. Invite your IT team leader and let them tell you if the proven line of Datacore services make sense for your company or not.