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​Billions are lost each year because of lost data. What's your backup disaster recovery plan? We can help.

99% uptime guarantee for your data, including up to the minute monitoring and server health maintenance.

​Keep your employees happy and working with our hands-on, local, IT team.

​Consolidating servers onto a virtual server allows for maximum utilization of server resources.

​​Our goal is to ensure the integrity of high availability network infrastructure to provide maximum performance for ​users.

​Your business needs more leads, sales, and professional look and feel. Our marketing team can help you grow your business and stay competitive.

​DataGuard is Datacore’s proprietary server and desktop backup solution. It starts with a block-level backup of everything on your server, not just data, but applications, programs, etc as well.

​How does it work?

​This backup image is then stored on a Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) stored next to your network. The image is then updated every 15 minutes to one hour (depending on client needs) with what we call incremental changes.

In the event of hardware failure that image is spun up on the BDR, your network connected to it, and your organization is up and running off the BDR in the same manner they would be running off your server. The BDR will also continue to back up new work, and when hardware is repaired or replaced the updated image is moved to the new hardware, and network is both restored and up to date. 

In the case of file loss or destruction, the backup is simply mounted on the BDR, file located, and easily dragged and dropped back to hard drive, saving both recovery time and data content.

Who benefits from Dataguard?

IN 2010 CDW did a study of 7000 businesses which attributed $1.7 billion in lost profit due to network downtime. Any business that loses money during downtime, any business that cannot service customers during downtime benefits from DataGuard. By maintaining an updated image of their servers on the BDR, the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) can be drastically reduced to minutes, rather than hours or days. By effectively providing adequate space on the BDR and compressing backups DataGuard can also provide an improved RPO (Recovery Point Objective) for those companies with data retention requirements.

Why is Dataguard necessary for businesses and IT teams?

Clients are the lifeblood of any business. Successful businesses need to assure their customers that they are there to serve them when they need them. IT teams need to assure their CEO’s that the organization is fully covered. The ability to safely store a complete image and virtualize that image drastically reduces the RTO and RPO for an organization so that they will be fully functioning when a customer needs it. Businesses that employ reliable consistent and trustworthy backup solutions can safely service customer needs.

​ServerGuard is Datacore’s Solution to support, manage, and maintain your most valuable network asset... your servers.

​How does it work?

Reducing the risk and exposure to downtime and poor performance requires significant time and/or resources that many organizations do not possess. That’s where ServerGuard can help. Backed up by an in-house, US-based Help Desk, ServerGuard utilizes state-of-the-art remote monitoring and remediation tools to deliver proactive service and maintenance reducing the threat of costly network interruptions or poor operation.  

ServerGuard will provide the peace of mind of knowing that your server maintenance is up to date, will identify issues before they become problematic, and will supply the timely and necessary remote remediation of those issues. Clients enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their most important IT assets are protected by Datacore.

Who benefits from ServerGuard?

Businesses who lack the expertise or tools to fully maintain and remediate their servers. Some companies don't have an on staff IT person. Some may have IT people who’s expertise is in desktop. Some may have the expertise but not the time or ability to monitor and remediate on a 365 24/7 basis. Other companies may want to just expense this service rather than employ someone to do so. ServerGuard provides that. 

Why is Serverguard necessary for businesses and IT teams?

ServerGuard delivers proactive service and maintenance reducing the threat of costly network interruptions or poor operation. 

​EnterpriseGuard is Datacore’s premium full support for desktops and laptops, and limited support for tablets and smartphone solution.

What is EnterpriseGuard?

The Encarta Dictionary defines Enterprise as “Business activities directed at profit; organized business activities aimed specifically at growth and profit”. EnterpriseGuard is Datacore’s premium full support for desktops and  laptops, and limited support for tablets and smartphone solution. At Datacore, we understand that a key element of employee productivity and profitability is the tools they utilize to perform their jobs effectively. We take the time to review your organization’s staff and design a Help Desk support program based on your unique needs.

EnterpriseGuard will proactively monitor, maintain and remediate desktops as well as laptops, and provide each user Help Desk support for their tablets and smartphones. EnterpriseGuard users enjoys convenience of the full unlimited Help Desk support via phone, email, and/or live chat. By professionally supporting desktops, laptops and mobile devices Datacore’s EnterpriseGuard clients continue to “organize business activities specifically aimed at growth and profit”.

Who benefits from EnterpriseGuard?

In today's age of technology, virtually every employee utilizes desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Maintaining and remediating these tools makes an organization function effectively. 365 24/7 monitoring, with systematic update program, remote remediation, hosted Anti-Virus,and a 7:30am to 7:30pm LOCAL HELP DESK, Datacore is perfectly positioned to support your users, keeping your organization business activities functioning and profitable. 

Why is EnterpriseGuard necessary for businesses and IT teams?

Many IT teams or IT people and simply don't have the tools, resources, or time to continually monitor and quickly remediate a large number of users. Datacore support infrastructure which includes a 7:30am-7:30pm local Help Desk and state-of-the-art remote monitoring and access tools can either be first line of defense or backup line in needed times, to supporting your workforce.

​​Would you open a bank account with a bank without knowing exactly where that bank was, the safety of the bank, or who had access to the accounts?

​Of course you wouldn't!

​So why do the same with the lifeblood of your company, your network?

Datacore utilizes local Tier IV datacenters and its own network and engineers to assist our clients in creating their own “private cloud.” In many hosted cases, the client has NO IDEA where, with whom, or who has access to their network. Datacore Clients know exactly WHERE their servers are and exactly WHO has access to them. They know that each server is backed up using DataGuards own solution, being serviced by Datacore personnel, and all maintenance and remediation is covered. Clients are never “trapped” as they own the operating system, giving the Client the freedom of ownership and thus creating accountability for Datacore to maintain quality service.

​​​Datacore guarantees 99% uptime and their network is protected by redundant ISP’s, firewalls and switches. Clients can rest easily knowing their network is safe, secure, monitored, updated and backed up. Most importantly, Datacore Clients always know, who, what and where.

Who needs Datacore hosting?

Many clients have grown weary of hardware refreshes, service contracts, and capital costs. Many have turned to hosted solutions where they can expense their network and trust someone to host and backup. No more purchasing new hardware every 5 years and maintaining a network. 

​Network engineering is responsible for implementing, improving, upgrading, maintaining, supporting, developing, and, in some cases, designing IT networks within an organization or between organizations.

The goal is to ensure the integrity of high availability network infrastructure to provide maximum performance for their users. So how does Datacore, as your MSP Partner, provide all those services?

First it starts with experience. Wikipedia defines experience as “the knowledge or mastery of an event or subject gained through involvement in or exposure to it.” Datacore Network Engineering department has a total of over 35 years of experience in IT networks including; server configurations/migrations, switch and firewall configurations, network design, virtualization, disaster recovery, wireless implementation, and remote communication and configuration. Datacore engineers are fully trained and experienced with Microsoft, Linux, VMware, Cisco, Citrix, Meraki, Hewlett Packard, and Dell, just to name a few.

However, to truly be an MSP Partner providing Network Engineering requires more than just training and experience. A client deserves an MSP Partner performing network engineering who understand the technology available, the needs, monetary responsibility, and network requirements of the client. Datacore Network Engineering approach is hands on meetings with the client to determine all those factors, then utilize their experience and knowledge to recommend the network that best fits the client’s needs and budget.

When your business success relies so much on the health and efficiency of your network, you can trust the Datacore experience and approach.  For 15+ years, Datacore has been earning that trust from its’ clients.

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